Week 2 November 2002: Only 7 mm of rain this week.
Checked our two nesting boxes (put up last year). One box is being used by Crimson Rosellas. This is the second time that Rosellas have used this box. Don’t know if it is the same pair. The second box contained a surprise. As we approached the box a bird flew out and perched in a nearby tree. This appeared to be a Boobook Owl. There are two chicks in the box. This brings our Yallaroo bird list up to 83 species.
These nesting results have inspired us to put up the remaining three boxes that our son made for us last Christmas. We are also considering having more boxes constructed. We have enough trees to accommodate 20 or more boxes.
A group came out from the University to collect cutting material of four species of Myoporum. A student is researching the salt tolerance of the genus.
Melaleuca hypericifolia is usually a tall shrub with large red brushes. The brushes are carried on old wood and are usually hidden by the foliage. There is also a semi-prostrate form known as “Ulladulla Beacon”. We have several plants in the gardens and they are now in full flower. Because of “Ulladulla Beacon’s” growth habit the flowers are easily seen. This attractive form would be at home in rockeries or native cottage gardens.

Garden Diary.