Week 2 November 2001:  We had 33 mm of rain this week. The rain was very welcome as it freshened up the gardens and filled our domestic water tank.
Our gardens are filled with flowering plants. Many Callistemons are blooming bounteously with others in bud. Hakea mitchellii is flowering for the first time. This very prickly shrub comes from western Victoria. Small cream flowers cluster along the branches. Pimelea ferruginea Bonne Petite is also flowering. This small Western Australian native has tightly clustered foliage and large deep pink flower heads. Goodenia decurrens is a small many-branched shrub from central NSW. At the moment a number of specimens are lighting up the garden with masses of golden-yellow flowers.
We heard our first Channel-billed Cuckoo this week. These large grey birds migrate from the north in spring and lay their eggs in the nests of Currawongs and Magpies.
Talked to a local Rotary club this week about native plants, the environment and the joys of retirement. We were presented with an engraved plaque commemorating our ABC Gardener of the Year win.  Also visited a property north of Armidale to advise on plants suitable for regeneration. Many landholders on the Northern Tablelands are heavily involved in tree and shrub planting.

Garden Diary