Week 2 May 2016: Rain = 1 millimetre.

Up early (4am) on two mornings this week to see a meteor shower. Unfortunately there was not a shower. Only saw a couple of meteors over the two mornings.

We potted on cuttings of Grevillea diminuta, Prostanthera cuneata, Goodenia decurrens and Austromyrtus dulcis. Also seedling Acacia torringtonensis were potted on.

We are clearing Cassinia quinquefaria plants from in our vegetable area before erecting our electric fence. We chipped the branches from the Cassinia in our chipper. The chipped material will be composted.

We have four blueberries, in pots, on our deck. This week we noticed that buds are forming on two plants.

Wildlife observation: Only one this week. On the way into Armidale we saw a wallaroo beside the road. This is the first sighting, of a wallaroo in our area, for many years.


Garden Diary