Week 2 May 2014: No rain this week

This week 12 plants found homes in our northern garden. We also weeded and mulched this garden.

Early one evening we saw the International Space Station pass over Yallaroo going from the northwest to southeast. Apart from the moon the Space Station was the brightest object in the night sky. The ISS was visible for about six minutes.

We potted on struck cuttings of Grevillea evansiana. We collected material, of this rare species, during a visit to Lithgow, western Blue Mountains, in early February. We now have about 30 Grevillea evansiana plants.

This week we have Grevillea jephcottii and Hakea laurina flowering. The latter species is one of Western Australia’s most colourful hakeas.

We sowed broad bean and sugar peas in one of our vegetable beds. As each row germinates we will plant another row so we have a procession of beans and peas.

Last week we bought a large Banksia integrifolia from the local Bunnings store. This week it was planted close to the house.

Speaking of plant purchases on our shopping day we visited the Home Hardware store in Armidale. We were pleasantly surprised by the store’s nursery. The lady in charge has revitalised the nursery. Plants are well displayed with a wide variety and reasonable prices. We bought a Banksia ericifolia, Banksia serrata, Isopogon formosus and a Telopea Shady Lady Golden Globe all in 14 centimetre pots and only $10 each.

This week’s wildlife observations: One morning a large flock of Dusky Woodswallows spent some time in our tall eucalypts. There were at least 100 birds in the flock. This was the largest flock of any species of bird that we have observed at Yallaroo in nearly two decades. We had several sightings of a male Scarlet Robin. We have been identifying this avian visitor as a Flame Robin. This time we were close enough to make a correction to our identification.  A flock of Red-browed Finches were feeding on the mown area near the house as were two Double-barred Finches. We have a group of Blue Wrens that live around the house. This week a brightly coloured male was with the group.


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