Week 2 May 2013: Rain = 3.5 millimetres

Potting on struck cuttings continued this week including some Grevillea miqueliana. These cuttings had extensive roots. We have started to use commercial seed raising mix for cutting propagation. We find that cuttings, particularly grevilleas, using seed raising mix are producing stronger root systems that were produced using our coco peat/sand mix.

We have two Lilly Pillies (Acmena or Syzygium species) growing in pots beside our back door. Both plants are covered with purplish, edible fruits. The plants are sheltered under our patio roof. They would not survive outside in our frosty garden.

We spent some time watering newer plantings with grey water. We are going through a particularly dry time and need to irrigate to help new plants to survive and establish. We feel for the people on the land who are reliant on rainfall to make a living. Losing a few plants pales into insignificance when you consider the hardships endured by some farmers and graziers.

Winter is fast approaching and one morning we cut up a fallen eucalypt for firewood. We now have a reasonable firewood stockpile that may see us through winter.

This week we assembled two more timber vegetable beds from Bunnings hardware. These were placed in position and in the fullness of time will be filled with soil. We now have six timber beds with room for two more.

An afternoon was spent extracting the juicy seeds from our pomegranate fruit. There are still more fruit to harvest.


Garden Diary