Week 2 May 2011: Rain = 1 millimetre

Planting total = 48 plants

We visited our Bunnnings hardware store on our shopping day this week. They have an extensive nursery section with a good mix of natives and exotics. We bought a Correa Autumn Blaze in a 15 centimetre pot for $12. The next day we took 15 cuttings from the plant. This makes it a very economical purchase as we will expect at least 90% of the cuttings to take root.

Whilst in Armidale we saw two large flocks of Corellas in a park. These rather raucous birds are fairly recent visitors to Armidale. Usually they are found further west.

The weather is becoming colder and this week we spent some time splitting firewood. The wood was from a Stringybark that we cut down in early summer. The stump, of the felled tree, has produced a large number of epicormic shoots.

Our Acacia iteaphylla plants are still blooming bounteously. This week we noticed that the flowers have a very pleasant perfume. This winter flowering Wattle will bring a spring feel to the garden during the cooler months.

New on the site: Correa Autumn Blaze, Eremophila hygrophana, Grevillea diminuta, Grevillea Poorinda Constance and Grevillea victoriae.


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