Week 2 May 2010:   No rain this week

Planting total this week: 13

We potted on some struck cuttings this week including Grevillea Splendour. This is an attractive hybrid with blue-green leaves and red flowers. We already have a number of specimens in the garden.

Some plants were purchased this week from the local Kmart store. They were in squat pots and included Grevillea Bonny Prince Charlie, Grevillea Bronze Rambler, an Eriostemon and an interesting form of Correa glabra. Of course cuttings from all these plants are now in the propagating unit.  

This week we had a 10 metre load of hardwood sawdust delivered. We have been using chipped green waste for mulching but feel that sawdust is better at inhibiting weed seed germination.

Early in the year we cut three 200 litre drums in half to use for vegetable production. This week we filled the last three halves with soil and planted vegetables. Brussel sprouts, cauliflowers and some Asian vegetables were planted.


Garden Diary