Week 2 May 2008: Rain = 2.5mm

We potted on more seedlings this week including: Allocasuarina nana, Acacia muelleriana, Eucalyptus landsdowneana and Hakea scoparia. We also potted on three tomato seedlings that germinated in our worm farm. We will be interested to see how they cope with our winter.

In early April we collected some gum nuts from a mallee Eucalypt growing near Bundanoon on the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. This week we identified the species as Eucalyptus apiculata, the Narrow-leaved Mallee Ash. We already have seeds germinating from the gum nuts we collected.

One day this week we visited two of the lagoons near Uralla, west of Yallaroo. Racecourse Lagoon was totally dry but the larger Dangars Lagoon is still holding water. We sighted a pair of Black Swans as well as a fleet of Coots on the water. We were also lucky to see a pair of Little Eagles perched in a dead Eucalypt.

On the way home we drove through a small rural subdivision. One property had a dense hedge of Banksia marginata. The plants had flowered and four Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos were attacking the woody cones and extracting seeds.

A Double-barred Finch and a small flock of Silvereyes were using one of our birdbaths one day this week.

Planting and mulching continued in our Triangle Garden this week. About 35 plants found homes in this garden.

We spoke to the Town and Country Garden Club in Armidale one afternoon this week. Our talk was about small native plants for local gardens. We had a good response from the gardeners and we were presented with three plants: Acacia “Curvaceous”, Acacia pendula and Grevillea “Orange Marmalade”. The plants were gratefully received and cuttings have already been placed in our propagating unit.


Garden Diary