Protea1.JPG (31998 bytes)Week 2 May 2007: No rain this week

This week the Noxious Weeds Council sprayed our blackberries. A constant battle has been waged, over the years, against this noxious and obnoxious weed. The battle is being won with a reduction in the area covered by blackberries.

Some years ago we planted a few Proteas (natives of South Africa) in a couple of our gardens. We were interested to see if they would survive and thrive at high altitudes. They have done very well amongst our Australian plants and we have suggested that Protea plantations could be established on rural properties for cut flower production and as an alternative source of income. This week we found one specimen in full flower (see image). This variety is similar to the well-known Protea Pink Ice.

Planting and potting-on continued this week. We try to produce some new plants each week.

There is a loquat tree growing in one corner of our propagating structure. Last year the plant produced fruit for the first time. This week we found that the plant was flowering so hopefully there will be fruit later on in the year.

Two visitors, from Tamworth, visited the garden one day this week. They were interested in our planting methods. They gave us some interesting vegetable seeds.

Three Black-faced Cuckoo Shrikes put in an appearance this week. They are regular visitors to Yallaroo.


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