Week 2 May 2006: No rain this week.
This week we took some time off and spent most of the week at Coffs Harbour on the North Coast . We stayed in a self-contained cabin and had an enjoyable time. Walks along the nearby beach early morning and late afternoon were the order of each day.
A visit to the Regional Botanic Garden allowed us to view many plants that would have difficulty in coping with our high altitude environment. Two Wattles caught our eye. They were Acacia holosericea And Acacia muelleriana. The former has large, flat phyllodes whilst the latter has fine, bipinnate leaves. Both species may cope with the environment at Yallaroo.
We also walked in Bongil Bongil National Park , Moonie Beach Nature Reserve and Muttonbird Island Nature Reserve. They are all interesting Reserves and certainly worthy of protection.
Strangely enough we also bought some plants during our holiday. Including our purchases were Austromyrtus dulcis, Grevillea Burgundy Beauty, Lomatia and two Kangaroo Paws that are big enough to divide.
We arrived home before the end of the week after a restful break. Backswimmers have already taken up residence in our new pond.
Space for 150 more species was created on our Plants section. Mothers Day was celebrated with three Mums from our family.

Garden Diary