Week 2 May 2005: The 5th week with no rain.
We are travelling again this week. Firstly we journeyed to our son Lachlanís place in Mittagong in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales . This trip takes about eight hours from Yallaroo. We spent a day there and then the three of us travelled further south to Jindabyne in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales .
We stayed in a two bedroom apartment, in Jindabyne, for a week. The first day we drove to Thredbo in Kosciuszko National Park . We had our first ride on a chairlift, which took us to the start of the Kosciuszko Mountain walking track. Mount Kosciuszko is Australia ís highest mountain at an altitude of 2237 metres which is not very high in world terms. Lachlan reached the summit whilst the two older members, of the party, stopped at a Lookout about four kilometres from the top. Lots of people on this track and many interesting small shrubs and herbaceous plants were observed along the way. We returned to Thredbo via the chairlift and drove back to Jindabyne. Travelling on a chairlift is one of lifeís rich experiences.
The next day we travelled into the Park again and stopped at Charlottes Pass. From here we walked to Blue Lake which is the largest of the five glacial lakes in the Park. The walk was very steep and hard but rewarding. Mountain views, rocky outcrops, interesting plants and beautiful creeks. What more could you want. On this walk we only passed about five people and on subsequent walks we saw less than a handful of other walkers. We returned tired but well satisfied. Every night we downloaded our digital photos onto our laptop and later burnt the whole series onto a CD.
Being glutton for punishment we walked again the next day. This time we tackled the Waterfall Track. This walk was interesting because there was a good deal of regeneration after the huge bushfire of a few years ago. Burnt areas are slowly recovering.
We celebrated tonight with a Chinese takeaway.

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