Week 2 May 2004: No rain this week.
Occupied with plenty of weeding, planting and mulching in our Lawn Garden. We also laid sawdust on the paths around the garden beds of the Lawn Garden.
We saw an Eastern Spinebill and Grey Fantail sharing one of our birdbaths. This birdbath is a shallow bowl situated on the edge of one of our dense shrubberies and is favoured by many small birds.
Outside our bedroom window we have a large Grevillea Apricot Glow. The plant was almost two metres high by the same width and has become rather straggly. This week we attacked the plant with saw and secateurs. The height and width were reduced to about one metre. Hopefully the end result will be a denser, more attractive plant.
Moved some of our potted vegetables to another bench. Our seedling cabbages and Brussel sprouts were becoming shaded from the winter sun.

Garden Diary