Week 2 May 2003: Exciting times this week. Still staying with our son in Mittagong. Drove to Sydney airport to welcome our daughter, son-in-law and two grand daughters who have returned permanently from the United Kingdom. This was the first time we have seen our youngest grand daughter. She was born in Birmingham.
After that excitement we returned to Mittagong and continued landscaping and painting.
We also managed to visit some nurseries and go bush walking. Bought a Sigma Wattle. This is a form of Acacia verniciflua and the trade name refers to a well-known pharmaceutical company. Ten cents from the sale of each plant is donated to Landcare. It is a weeping shrub with soft, aromatic foliage and bright yellow, perfumed spring flowers. Also purchased a Kennedia microphylla. This is a ground cover with small three-lobed leaves and red pea flowers.
We walked in two Reserves near Mittagong. One had been burnt in summer and many plants were regenerating. A number of members of the Proteaceae family were recovering. Banksias, Waratahs, Persoonias and Lomatias were all sprouting from lignotubers (swollen roots). Some Eucalypts were also sprouting from lignotubers and other specimens were sending out shoots along trunks and branches from epicormic buds.
The other Reserve had not been burnt. A number of shrubs were flowering including Dillwynia species (pea family), Acacia terminalis, Acacia jonesii and Persoonia linearis.

Garden Diary