Week 2 March 2017: Rain = 31 millimetres. Two welcome falls after a couple of dry weeks.

A relative spent part of the week visiting. We had a restful and enjoyable time.

We met a friend in town who told us that they had a severe hailstorm, about a fortnight ago, that damaged his roof, shredded the garden and brought down trees. His place is only about 10 kilometres from us. We were lucky as we only had heavy rain.

We picked all the peaches from our seedling peach tree. No fruit fly in any of them.

We potted on Acacia cognata seedlings and struck cuttings of Eremophila denticulata. There was also time to plant eight tubes in our newer garden.

This Saturday was our tri-weekly talkback garden programme. We had five calls during the 30 minute session.

This week we registered with Facebook. In the fullness of time we will have our own Facebook page that will complement our web site. That is once we navigate the intricacies of this social media network.

Wildlife observations: The choughs were around again this week with a large flock sighted in one of our stringybarks. Near our gate, one afternoon, there was a tree creeper and a pair of grey fantails. At the same time a flock of thornbills were catching insects in a tall grevillea. Outside our lounge room window we saw a pair of stick insects in some shrubs. They disappeared before we could take any photos.


Garden Diary