Week 2 March 2016: No rain again this week. Very hot and dry, many of our plants are suffering.

Early in the week we mowed around our road and the large area in front of the house with the ride on mower. It is many months since we have had to mow. We also used our cordless trimmer to prune some shrubs. This week we found that cuttings of Grevillea Ivanhoe had taken root. This hybrid has been around for many years but it is the first time we have tried cuttings. We have a 20 year old plant in one of our gardens.

We picked a large zucchini from the remains of our vegetable garden. Our kangaroos have eaten everything else. They do not eat cucurbits (pumpkins, zucchinis etc). We have an electric fence that we are going to put around our vegetable beds. Hopefully this will allow us to grow a wide range of vegetables and berries.

We potted on rooted cuttings of Crowea exalata and seedling Acacia cultriformis. We have been losing many seedlings and cuttings when potting on. We have not been filling the tubes before potting on but filling to one third then holding the plants to be potted on and covering with potting mix to the top of the tube. The tender roots do not like being covered in dry potting mix. We now fill the tubes to the top with potting mix, wet thoroughly, push a hole in the mix with a finger and gently lower the plant into the hole and firm around it. This seems to have increased the survival rate of seedlings and cuttings.

This week we dug some holes in the newer garden north of the house.

On Saturday we did our regular talkback radio programme. After this a large group from the Armidale Tree Group came to visit the garden. About 50 people came and we had a very interesting and enjoyable morning showing them around.

Wildlife observations: A number of White-naped Honeyeaters visited our birdbaths on several occasions. A Blue-banded Bee was a constant visitor to the flowers on a Plectanthrus plant in flower on our back patio. We rescued two swallows that fell down the chimney and finished up in our wood heater. They were rescued with no damage to either bird.


Garden Diary