Week 2 March 2014: No rain this week.

This week was our turn to do the talkback gardening program on the local ABC radio network. We have much better continuity with once every three weeks rather than every five. Also the three presenters are local so we all have knowledge of local conditions.

Planting continued again this week with 59 plants going into our northern garden.

We potted on struck cuttings of Grevillea evansiana and Veronica arenaria (previously Derwentia arenaria) . The Grevillea is of particular interest. It is a rare species and cuttings produced roots in about four weeks.

Strangely enough this week, on a visit to Bunnings, we bought two plants. One was Callistemon Guyra and the other C. Opal Fire. Cuttings were taken as soon as we arrived home.

Speaking of bottlebrushes: This week our Callistemon Endeavour burst into bloom. This reliable cultivar can be relied on to produce blooms for many months of the year.

This week we mulched some of our new plantings with wood chips. This is the material chipped from the trees removed under our power lines. This material may be better for mulching than our old favourite sawdust. The wood chips allow water entry but appear to inhibit weeds. It is easier to spread than sawdust. We have a small mountain of chipped material to use on our gardens.

One afternoon we visited our friends from Canberra. They have a property east of Yallaroo. Their garden is developing nicely even through the present dry period. They have a mix of natives and exotics and on this visit we noticed a number of small native birds in their garden including Eastern Spinebills, Grey Fantails and Thornbills. We always enjoy catching up with our friends. This time we were given a DVD slide show of plants in the Australian National Botanic Gardens, Canberra. This was a very welcome gift.

There were some very interesting wildlife sightings this week. Firstly two Dusky Woodswallows perched in a wattle near the front of the house. Next a flock of about 14 White-winged Choughs spent time feeding amongst the grass also near the house. The best sighting of all was two Crested Shrike-tits drinking from one of our bird baths. These beautiful birds are rare visitors to Yallaroo. They are about the size of a Grey Thrush with a crest of black feathers with yellow and black chests.


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