Week 2 March 2013: No rain this week

We attempted to cut up a fallen eucalypt for firewood this week. Unfortunately the chainsaw hit a rock and became blunt instantaneously. We dropped the saw off for resharpening on our shopping day. The local chainsaw and mower shop do an excellent sharpening job for only $15. In future we will pay more attention to the position of rocks in relation to the wood we are attempting to cut.

Many plants are flowering in our late summer/early autumn garden including: Callistemon Packers Selection, Grevillea granulifera, Grevillea x semperflorens and Prostanthera Ragged Robin.

We planted 56 plants in our new garden near our grey water tank this week. We could not afford to plant so many specimens if we had to buy the plants rather than propagate them.

This week we relocated more Orchard Swallowtail caterpillars from our double grafted citrus to our bush lemon. One morning we noticed a Swallowtail butterfly laying more eggs on the double grafted citrus. This means that there will be more relocating in the near future.

One night, this week, there were four small frogs on our lounge room window. They were feasting on the moths attracted to the lounge room light. A Praying Mantis was also on the window catching moths.

There were more wildlife sightings this week. We photographed a dragonfly that has just emerged and was resting on foliage in our big pond near the house. Also near the house we noticed a large Black Snake moving through the grass. We have not sighted many snakes this summer.


Garden Diary