Week 2 March 2012:   Rain = 13 millimetres.

Back to our horticultural activities this week. We have returned from our trip to Katoomba followed by a week visiting our children.

Planting commenced again with 13 plants finding homes in the garden. Potting on also began again. We potted on seedlings of Allocasuarina nana, Callitris oblonga and Siberian tomatoes. We hope to keep these cold climate tomatoes growing throughout winter in our propagating unit. Struck cuttings of Eremophila laanii were also potted on.

Eucalyptus pulverulenta, Callistemon flavovirens and Callistemon Packers Selection are flowering. The Eucalypt is only about three years old. We were happy to have the two Bottlebrushes blooming at this time. They extend the summer flowering period of other Callistemons.

We previously mentioned that no plants were purchased when we were away. This week we made up for our lack of purchases. We bought three seedling passionfruit vines from a local hardware store. We will plant them against the supports of our patio roof. Cuttings were taken from the three plants. In the future the pulp of the fruit will be stored in our freezer. A gardener from the Tamworth area harvested 150 passionfruit from one vine last season.


Garden Diary