Week 2 March 2011:  Rain = 1.5 millimetres

Planting total this week = 48. Coupled with planting we also dug holes and mulched as we planted.

One of our problem weeds is Coolatai Grass (Hyparrhenia hirta). This tufted perennial has become a problem in many areas because it colonises areas and swamps other plants. This week we sprayed an infestation with Glyphosate herbicide to help reduce the spread of this obnoxious invader.

On Saturday we spoke about plant propagation at the Armidale Tree Group Nursery. We covered seed and cutting propagation. Although the talk concentrated on native plants the techniques described apply to exotics as well. Over 30 people attended and a good time appeared to be had by all. We will be presenting another talk in spring covering wattles and describing those species suitable for local gardens.

We had an interesting wildlife sighting this week. Eight quail were observed walking along the path near our clothesline.


Garden Diary