Week 2 March 2010:  Rain = 25.5 millimetres

One day this week saw a small skink lizard on our front verandah. Skinks spend a lot of time on our front verandah and deck during the warmer months.

Blue-banded Bees have visited the garden this week. They were flying around Westringia and Plectranthus flowers.

More mowing this week. We used our hand mower with catcher attached. We stockpile the clippings and use them in our rotary composter. They are mixed with leaves, shredded paper, sawdust and blood and bone. In about six weeks we harvest beautiful compost that is almost good enough to eat.

Some of our compost is worked into our vegetable rings. This seems to be working as this week we harvested beans, rhubarb, egg plants, cucumbers, capsicums, parsley, spring onions, tomatoes and beetroot. Our veggie beds are a constant source of delight and produce.

During the last week in February we collected Acacia leptoclada cuttings on a trip to Inverell. This week we examined the cuttings and found that some had produced roots. With this success we have been inspired to try more wattle cuttings.


Garden Diary