Gold_Carpets.jpg (57487 bytes)Week 2 March 2007: Rain = 12mm

The recent rain has spurred plant growth throughout Yallaroo. We now have large areas covered in golden carpets. Calotis lappulacea, the Golden Burr-daisy, has regenerated in huge numbers (see image). This is the best growth, of this perennial, that we have experienced in 10 years.

We received a phone call from a listener to our radio programme about his Wollemi Pine. The tree was well looked after and was growing in a pot. Last November the area received hot and dry winds. Under these extreme conditions the plant expired. Wollemi Pines grow in a sheltered canyon and probably have difficulty coping with drying winds. Growers should protect their Wollemi Pines if they are growing in areas susceptible to these conditions.

In one of our gardens we have a beautiful Crowea exalata in full flower. This week the flowers have attracted large numbers of female Carpenter Bees. We only observed one male Carpenter Bee visiting the flowers. Perhaps their minds are on other things.

More planting was undertaken this week. We concentrated on the new Caravan Garden. As with other gardens this area will be home to a large range of native plants.

We have changed the size of pots that we use for striking cuttings on our propagating bench. Originally we used 38 mm pots. We have gone over to 70 mm pots. They take more propagating mix but do not dry out as quickly.

There are quite a few plants flowering in our gardens including: Eremophila serrulata, Grevillea alpina (yellow flowers), and Grevillea juniperina the form from Torrington, northern New South Wales  and Olearia elliptica.

New on the Site: Kunzea bracteolata, Leptospermum spectabile.


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