Week 2 March 2006: No rain this week.
One morning, this week, we were interviewed by ABC Tamworth. We talked about the Dungowan Star Bush (Asterolasia species). This is a rare plant from the Tamworth area. We made it the 100th entry on the ABC Aussie Native segments on their local web site (www.abc.net.au/newengland/features/aussienatives.htm). We are attempting to persuade Tamworth Council to adopt this species as their floral emblem.
After the interview we had a call from the University of New England . They are propagating this Asterolasia and offered us some plants. Later in the week we picked up five healthy plants. We are grateful for this handsome gift.
This week we looked at pond liners in a local hardware store. We are going to construct a new pond in one of our new gardens. We hope to make the pond 2.7 metres long x 1.5 metres wide and at least 30 centimetres deep.
A couple who live west of Armidale visited this week. They had a plant for identification from their property. It was an interesting small Daisy Bush known as Olearia ramosissima. This species has small scale-like leaves and flowers. Our visitors had a photograph as well as some plant material. We have prepared cuttings from this material. Olearias usually strike rapidly from cuttings.
We walked down to our Small Dam one day this week. This is a beautiful body of water. An aquatic plant has appeared in the dam. It is Ottelia ovalifolia and has floating leaves. We are not sure of the plants origin. Perhaps water birds carried in the seed.
Saw a large Jacky Lizard in the garden this week. They have been absent, from the garden, for some unknown reason. We are pleased to see their return.
Two Eucalypts have produced buds. Eucalyptus magnificata, the Blue Box, flowered profusely last year. Many buds have appeared on the extremities of branches. Eucalyptus scoparia, the Wallangarra Gum, has budded up for the first time.

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