Week 2 June 2017: No rain this week.

One of us is still recovering from pneumonia. This could take up to six weeks.

Early this week we ordered a tonne of firewood. This was delivered next morning. The firewood is a mix of box and ironbark and is very hard timber. This is where our newly acquired log splitter came into its own. We split a number of blocks of wood and stacked them ready for use in our heater.

We potted on Hakea eriantha and H. verrucosa seedlings. A number of Hakeas are flowering including H. gibbosa and H. pycnoneura. Our H. purpurea is covered in buds and we picked some woody fruits from last season's flowering. Acacia flexifolia is also flowering.

From the vegetable garden we picked all the capsicums. The plants have reached the end of their productive lives.

Wildlife observations: The Rainbow Lorikeets are still around and just as noisy as they feed on the nectar from the Eucalyptus albens (White Box) blooms. A Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater has returned to the garden.


Garden Diary