Week 2 June 2016:

This week our cruise, on board the Dawn Princess, around northern Australia and New Guinea continued.

Early in the week we berthed at Cairns and visited the Botanic Gardens. This is a very tropical garden with many plants that we did not recognise. In the afternoon we walked along the esplanade beside the harbour before boarding the Dawn Princess for lunch.

We spent another day at sea before we berthed at Alotau in New Guinea. This is the capital of Mine Bay province the scene of heavy fighting in World War II. We found it a rather sad place with rubbish everywhere. The people were very friendly and we visited a couple of markets.

After another day at sea we docked at Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory. Unfortunately we missed out on a visit to the Darwin Botanic Gardens due to a transport mix-up. Whilst walking around the city we observed a Calytrix exstipulata, Turkey Bush, in full flower, a small Acacia also in flower and a Corymbia ptychocarpa (previously known as Eucalyptus ptychocarpa) with red blooms.


Garden Diary