Week 2 June2015: No rain this week.

Some plants flowering in the garden. The Eucalyptus laevopinea mentioned last week is still flowering and attracting plenty of birds. Also a Hakea pycnoneura is in full flower.

At the end of April we received cutting material of rare Pimelea and Homoranthus species from the Department of the Environment. The cuttings are doing well and some have taken root. This week we received cuttings another rare species. Acacia atrox is from central west NSW and is a prickly, suckering wattle. We put potted on some root suckers and put cuttings in the propagating unit. This was the prickliest cuttings we have ever prepared. The foliage is as sharp as small daggers. We removed the phyllodes using a pair of pliers. Time will tell if the cuttings will produce roots.

Our bush lemon plant is holding many ripening fruit. This week we picked some and made marmalade. The jam was very tasty indeed.

We have visitors from Tenterfield one morning this week. It was only a short visit but they will return for another longer visit in the near future. They have a particular interest in Eremophilas (Emu Bushes).

This week some work was done in our garden that we started planting on Boxing Day 2014. Holes were dug, 12 plants went into the ground and weeds were removed.

Struck cuttings were potted on including Grevillea Canterbury Gold, G. Lutea and Eremophila Amber Carpet.

This week we spread and dug in cow manure in one of our vegetable beds. Parsnips and turnips will be some of the vegetables planted in this bed.

Wildlife observations: A pair of Spiny-cheeked Honeyeaters was observed in an Acacia implexa tree. Large flocks of small birds have been visiting the garden including Double-barred and Red-browed Finches.


Garden Diary