Week 2 June 2014: Rain = Four millimetres.

On a trip to town we visited Bunnings Hardware and had a look in their nursery. We finished up buying some plants including: Leptospermum Cardwell, Banksia integrifolia, Eriostemon and a ground covering Scaevola with white flowers. The Leptospermum, Eriostemon and Scaevola have had cuttings taken. The Eriostemon is usually slow to take root but the other two should produce roots rapidly.

A number of plants are flowering this week. Hakea pycnoneura, Grevillea obtusifolia and Melaleuca fulgens are all blooming.

A couple of wildlife sightings this week: A Brown Honeyeater visited the nectar-rich flowers on our Grevillea pinaster and a Striated Pardalote visited the nesting tube under our patio roof.


Garden Diary