Week 2 June 2013: Rain = 36 millimetres. This welcome rain topped up our depleted domestic water supply (see Week 1 June).

This week we tidied up more of our newer garden beds. After a few years, because of our planting density, the weeds are choked out.

Winter has certainly arrived and this week we spent some time splitting firewood. Over the last few months we have cut up a healthy supply of firewood.

We also dug some planting holes in our newest garden bed. This is situated north of the house on the other side of the large mown area.

In any given week we spend some time writing articles. The late afternoon is usually devoted to writing. We write articles for various native plant newsletters, the local paper, the NSW Australian Plant Society web site and also our own site. Usually there are also emails to answer. Gardening and writing keep both our bodies and minds active.


Garden Diary