Week 2 June 2012: rain = 1.5 millimetres

A few days ago we dug over an area beside one of our newer gardens. This week we hammered in two star pickets at either end of this new area. Wires were strung between the posts and we started to plant raspberries and a youngberry plant. The plants will be trained along the wires. We will also plant grape vines in this garden. Eventually the vines will be covered with netting to deter the birds.

Speaking of planting, this week 36 native plants went into our latest garden. After planting we spread blood and bone around the plants. This discourages the rabbits.

One night, about 9.30 pm, we heard two loud noises as though a semi-trailer was being driven around the house. No semi-trailer but an earthquake that was felt over a wide area of northern New South Wales. No damage done but an interesting experience.

Our large Eucalyptus laevopinea trees are starting to flower. One tree just west of the house is full of flowers and honeyeaters.  

Amongst our cultivated plants Hakea laurina, Hakea petiolaris, Grevillea Fireworks and Grevillea Goldrush are flowering.

Some time ago a large dead Eucalypt fell down across our road. We cut up the section blocking our entrance and this week the rest of the tree was cut up for firewood. There will probably be enough firewood in this one tree to keep us warm for the rest of the winter.

Last week a flock of Choughs spent some time on the road in front of the house. This week they returned and moved along the edge of the road picking up seeds. Hopefully they will be regular visitors.


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