Week 2 June 2010: No rain this week

Although we are in the depths of winter our garden is beginning to have a spring feeling. Both Acacia flexifolia and Acacia iteaphylla are both in full flower.  The latter species usually starts to flower in May and the former usually blooms in July. One Acacia flexifolia has decided to flower early.

This week a friend gave us some Grevillea beadleana cuttings. They were gratefully received and are now residing in our propagating unit. This local species has attractive foliage and red, toothbrush flowers.

Bought another book to add to our Botanical Library. The Little Giant by Lionel Gilbert, a local well-known historian, describes the life and work of Joseph Henry Maiden. He was an early director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. Australian botanical history has become another of our interests.


Garden Diary