Week 2 June 2009:  Rain = 2 millimetres

The road works outside Yallaroo continues with plenty of blasting to break up the dense rocky outcrops.

We have a number of Hakea laurina plants in full flower. This beautiful species is fast becoming one of our favourite Hakeas.

Winter has definitely arrived. One morning our bird baths were frozen solid and one of our taps split due to the freezing weather.

Planting continues with 12 plants finding new homes in one of our gardens. We also used Glyphosate on the weeds on the margin of one our gardens.

We observed two Quail in a garden near the house and three Little Grebes are still on our big dam.

We are very found of native Cypress Pines (Callitris species). There are two splendid specimens of Callitris rhomboidea (Port Jackson or Oyster Bay Pine) in a garden near the house. We are going to propagate more plants from seed and scatter them throughout our gardens.


Garden Diary