Week 2 June 2007: Rain = 7.5 mm this week

Some Eucalyptus laevopinea trees, south of our house, are flowering. We have many specimens, of this handsome Stringybark, growing naturally on Yallaroo. Their flowering is sporadic so not all trees flower at the same time. Honey bees, native insects and honeyeaters visit flowering trees in great numbers.

Acacia flexifolia and Acacia uncinata have also burst into bloom. Acacia flexifolia is one of the first spring flowering Wattles to bloom. Acacia uncinata flowers sporadically throughout the year.

During late spring and early summer we planted a number of pumpkin varieties. This week we harvested over a dozen pumpkins. They are all small varieties. Last year they were planted too late. Next season we will plant earlier and hopefully will have a larger harvest.

We heard about a web site that provides information on when and where satellites etc are visible. We requested details on when the Hubble Space Telescope would be visible in the skies of northern New South Wales. One night this week we saw a bright light that was the Telescope, moving from west to north east just after sunset.

The site: www.heavens-above.com/countries.asp

During the daylight hours we continued digging holes, planting and mulching in various gardens.

New on the Site: Leptospermum Copper Glow and Leptospermum turbinatum.


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