Week 2 June 2006: Rain = 30 mm. This is a welcome change from the prolonged dry period.
This week we planted around our new pond. Nineteen plants went into the ground including a number of Myoporum parvifolium around the edge of the pond. Eventually these will grow into the water and create an “amphibian ladder” that will allow an easy way out for frogs as they develop from tadpoles. In the interim we have placed pieces of wood in the pond for frog use.
This week has been rather cold and wet. Much of our time was spent inside near the heater reading and writing for the web site and for various newspapers and newsletters.
A Swamp Wallaby paid a visit. He (or she) spent some time eating the leaves off one of our Correas growing near our north-facing deck. Both Kangaroos and Wallabies have developed a taste for Correa foliage.

Garden Diary