Week 2 June 2005: Rain = 41 mm!!! Let joy be unrestrained. The rain caused remarkable rejuvenation. Within a day or so our wilted plants came back to life.
This week, before the rain, we spent some time at a Retirement Village in Inverell, a town north west of Armidale. They have constructed new residences and are planning to plant natives around these buildings. We will be making lists of species suitable for this large project.
On the way home from Inverell we stopped at a nursery. We purchased a number of plants including a dwarf Hakea verrucosa and a prostrate Grevillea juniperina with yellow flowers.
We will also be advising on another project near Uralla, south of Armidale. The area is a Reserve that protects some of the gold mining activities that occurred in the area in the 19th century.
This week we started work on a new garden that will bridge the area between the Correa Garden and Lawn Garden . We will be publishing a map and photos of these areas in the future.
To the west of the house there is a medium-sized Eucalyptus laevopinea (Silvertop Stringybark). At the moment the tree is flowering and every morning it is full of small honeyeaters and Crimson Rosellas.
Two relatives visited this week and we spent a pleasant morning walking around the garden. They are involved in planting a large native garden near Newcastle .    

Garden Diary