Venus.JPG (13858 bytes)Week 2 June 2004: Rain=10mm.

Two members of the Australian Plant Society paid a visit this week from Sydney. We found that we had both worked, at about the same time last century, for the Defence Department but had never met.

This week we were fortunate to view the Transit of Venus (see image) from our front lawn at Yallaroo. Peter and Libby, friends from Armidale, brought out their astronomical viewing equipment. We were able to watch the Transit from the first appearance of Venus in front of the sun until sunset.

Building more cairns of rocks for our lizards. We hope they appreciate our hard work when they come out of hibernation.

Received a phone call about a red or pink flowering Eucalypt that was growing a few kilometres south of Yallaroo. The plant may be a Yellow Box (Eucalyptus melliodora). A local photographer has captured the blooms and buds on film so we should be able to identify the Eucalypt.


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