Week 2 June 2003: No rain recorded this week.
A pair of Pied Butcher Birds has been feeding on insects in the garden this week. They are handsome black and white birds. Many Australian birds have adopted this colour combination. Pied Butcher Birds have a melodious song that is similar to the first few bars of the theme song to Bonanza, the old television western.
Saw a Black Duck, on our Big Dam, accompanied by three ducklings. They were probably raised in the reeds that fringe the dam. It is very pleasing to see wildlife using the local habitat.
Spent lots of time weeding and mulching our Lawn garden. We are eventually getting on top of the proliferation of weeds that were triggered by the autumn rain and our failure to mulch as we planted.
The Advocate, a newspaper serving Bingara, a small town, north west of Yallaroo, is publishing articles that we write every fortnight. The articles have created some interest in the cultivation of natives in local gardens.
Spending time taking photos in the garden and other areas with our digital camera. Since purchasing the camera in April we have taken about 1000 photos. It is very convenient to take a photo, view them on the computer and decide whether to accept or reject them. This is much quicker than having film processed and waiting a week or so to see the result. Many of these images will begin to appear on the site as we write information to accompany each image.
New this week: Wildlife section: Burrowing Frog.

Garden Diary.