Week 2 June 2002: Good rain at the beginning of the week. 28mm refreshed the garden and replenished our water tank.
Rumour has it that we are entering an El Nino weather pattern. So a drought may be the order of the day. This should not affect our horticultural activities but graziers and cereal growers will be adversely affected.
We started digging holes and planting in our Lawn Garden again after our break. Also laid down sawdust on some of the paths in this large garden. Potting on seedlings and struck cuttings also commenced again. While we were away a number of cuttings struck. We are recording our cutting successes and failures on a database. Eventually we will post the results on our site.
About six months ago we planted a Hakea lissocarpha in the Lawn Garden. The plant is now about 75 cm tall and is covered in clusters of pink buds. According to the literature the flowers are highly perfumed. A dwarf Hakea that flowers in winter with pink, perfumed flowers is indeed a horticultural treasure. An image and description will appear in our Plants section when the buds open.
What’s New: Eucalyptus pauciflora and Grevillea rhyolitica appear in our Plants section.

Garden Diary