Week 2 July 2017: No rain this week.

We are continuing to split firewood with our log splitter. Nearly all the tonne of wood we bought has been split.

Lots of plants went into the ground this week. In total 72 tubes went into our latest garden.

We also potted on a large number of rooted cuttings including Craspedia sp, Grevillea Bedspread, Melaleuca blaeriifolia, Grevillea teretifolia and G. willisii.

Vegetable seeds were planted in one of our raised beds. Turnip, broad bean, radish, parsnip and leek seeds were sown.

Last spring we planted five water chestnut corms in a watertight container. They did very well and filled the container with stems. With the onset of winter they died down and this week we harvested the corms. The original five developed into a margarine container full of corms. Some we will eat and the remainder will be planted into an old, broken wheelbarrow. This is much bigger than to original container so next winter we expect a bumper harvest.

Whilst still speaking of vegetables. Some time ago we bought a small ALDI garden bed. This was planted with silver beet, parsley, thyme and chives. They all did very well so recently we bought another four. This week we placed two beside our north-facing deck and filled them with a mix of garden soil, potting mix, wood ash, blood and bone and dynamic lifter. Initially they will be planted with more silver beet and Asian greens. Later we will think of other vegetables to plant in them.

We also found time to mulch our new plants. The mulch we are using is chipped green material from the trees that were cleared under our powerline. This material is slowly breaking down into friable compost.

Wildlife observations: The most exciting observation happened when we were having lunch in the family room. We saw a Brown Antechinus (Antechinus stuartii) running across our deck. This is only the second Antechinus we have observed at Yallaroo. This was a very exciting sighting. We also saw three quail in the grass near our gate. This is the second quail observation in a fortnight. During the week we saw a number of Red-necked Wallabies. They have now become very frequent visitors.


Garden Diary