Week 2 July 2016: Rain = 4.5 millimetres

We spent some time working in our vegetable garden area. The first thing was moving a pile of rocks that was going to be in the way of our electric fence. Then we laid sheets of corrugated iron on the perimeter of the vegetable area. This is to kill the grass and leave bare ground so that the fence does not short out.

Then we potted on struck cuttings of Prostanthera striatiflora, Grevillea evansiana and seedlings of Hakea gibbosa. We have nearly caught up with potting on the cuttings that have taken root in our propagating unit. There are plenty of wattle seedlings germinating.

Our Banksia Giant Candles plant has produced one spike. This specimen is in a rather neglected part of the garden. We must put in some cuttings of this magnificent hybrid.

Wildlife observations: Flocks of Yellow-rumped Thornbills and Blue Wrens were around our gate one afternoon. On another afternoon we sighted a fox in the same area. We rarely see these feral environmental disasters.


Garden Diary