Week 2 July 2015: Rain = 14.5 millimetres this week.

Most days, this week, were very cold and overcast. Some nearby areas had reasonable snow falls. We missed out.  There was very little outside work undertaken this week. Splitting firewood and collecting kindling was our major undertaking.

We did pot on some germinated broad bean seeds. These seeds were germinated in wet paper sandwiches in a margarine container. This is a very successful method of germinating large seeds.

We watched the first cricket test match in the Ashes series between Australia and England from the Cardiff cricket ground in Wales. Australia was soundly beaten.   This meant some very late nights and early mornings.

Wildlife observation:  Spring must be coming. One morning this week we observed two White-eared Honeyeaters picking out fur from the back of a Grey Kangaroo. The kangaroo was feeding on the mown area near our front verandah. The birds took the fur and flew into one of our dense shrubberies and started to build a nest.


Garden Diary