Week 2 July 2014: 18 millimetres of rain when we were away.

Early in the week we moved again. This time we headed north to stay with our eldest daughter, Gosford, before we travelled home.

We had managed to fit in more gardening during our visit. A treefern (Cyathea cooperi) and some annuals in pots were planted.

There was time to visit nurseries and more plants were purchased including Acacia drummondii and Acacia cognata. We should be able to propagate both species from cuttings.

Just on dark, during a visit to a Gosford shopping centre, we were deafened by the noise made by hundreds of roosting Rainbow Lorikeets. They were settling for the night in nearby trees.

Mid week we travelled home after nearly four weeks away. It was good to be home again. Our automatic watering system, for our tube plants, worked well and everything survived. The only problem was that our TV did not work. There was no signal. We found out that during our absence the local TV channels had changed frequencies. A retune of the TV and recorder rectified the problem.

We spent some time preparing and putting in the cuttings that were collected on our trip. Most were in good condition. They had spent a few weeks in a plastic bag wrapped in a blanket. Grevillea oldei is the most important of the cuttings collected. This is a rare species from the Central Coast of NSW.

We sighted a Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater in one of our Acacia implexa trees. These honeyeaters usually make fleeting visits during the warmer months.

One our shopping day we purchased a new camera. It is a Panasonic Lumix TZ40. Our present camera is a TZ15. The new camera has many more features but was almost half the cost the TZ15 bought about five years ago.


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