Week 2 July 2012:   Rain = 101.5 millimetres!!!!!!

A magnificent three days of rain. The best we have had for many months. Beautiful light rain that soaked right in and built up the soil moisture level for spring. The garden is refreshed, house tank full and dams topped up. What more could you ask of precipitation.

We sowed broad beans and sugar pea seeds in our vegetable rings. The rings, even in the depth of winter, are producing vegetables including parsley, rocket, kale, fennel and radishes.

Potting on continued this week. Hakea macrorrhyncha and Xanthorrhea  (Grass Tree) seedlings were potted on. The Grass Tree seedlings were germinated from seed collected from a relative’s plant that flowered last spring and is growing in a pot.

Our Hakea multilineata plants are in full flower as is a Eucalyptus laevopinea tree west of the house. This latter plant is full of honeyeaters and Rainbow Lorikeets feasting on the rich nectar flow.

The rain came during the last few days of the week. We spent the time writing articles for the local free newspaper and various native plant publications.


Garden Diary