Week 2 July 2011:  No rain again this week.

We spent a morning cutting up firewood and collecting kindling.

Last week we received 6 raspberry plants from Garden Express and this week they were potted on into pots. They will be planted in the area set aside for vines later in the year.

We also potted on some struck cuttings including Grevillea gaudichaudii, Prostanthera aspalathoides and a variegated form of Westringia fruticosa.

This week we were visited by our eldest daughter and her children. We spent much of the week playing with Frisbees, catching assorted aquatic organisms in our small dam, skimming rocks in our big dam and bushwalking around our block. A great time was had by all.

Later in the week we sighted two quail in the garden. Throughout the garden we have been finding circular depressions in the mulch. This is where quail have been scratching for food.

New on the Site: Eucalyptus macrorhyncha, Flindersia collina and Little Grebes.


Garden Diary