Week 2 July 2010: Rain = 26.5 millimetres. The great rain continues.

This week we sowed the seeds of 12 tomato varieties. The seed pots were placed in our propagating unit. The bottom heating, in the unit, will speed-up the seed germination. The germinated seeds should be ready for planting outside in early spring.  

We have a brick incinerator that we use for burning papers etc. This week we emptied and sieved the contents of the incinerator and placed the sieved material on our vegetable beds.

Later in the week one of our daughters and her family arrived for a short visit. Everyone had an enjoyable time.

This week we found time to pot on some struck cuttings. These included Grevillea victoriae and Melaleuca tortifolia. The latter species is a rare, local Melaleuca.


Garden Diary