Week 2 July 2008: Rain = 11.5mm

This week one of our daughters and her children spent five days with us. We all had an enjoyable time. We increased our skills at ball catching and throwing Frisbees.

We also found time to pot on some struck cuttings including Hakea drupacea, Astartea Winter Pink and Grevillea Pink Midget.

One afternoon we even had a reasonable fall of snow. Our grandchildren enjoyed this immensely. The snow only stayed around for an hour or so.

We have read recently that when Napoleon was exiled to St Helena he took seeds of an Australian paper daisy with him. This daisy is said to have colonised parts of the Island. This week we sent of some emails to the authorities on St Helena to see if they know the species of the daisy. No reply as yet.

We also fitted in some planting in the Triangle Garden this week. We made homes for 24 plants.

Hakea multilineata and Acacia baileyana purpurea have burst into bloom.


Garden Diary