Week 2 July 2007:  Rain = 8.5mm

There were some visitors to Yallaroo this week. One of our daughters and two of our grandchildren spent the week with us. We had a very enjoyable time. Of course not much planting was undertaken this week.

We went for a walk to our north-eastern boundary this week. Our daughter picked up an antique posthole shovel that must have been lying in the grass for decades. We will use the shovel as a sculpture in one of our gardens.

Another welcome visitor this week was David the ABC radio announcer who has the Saturday programme when we do our garden talkback. We were glad to show David the garden & now he will know what we are talking about when we describe the garden during the programme.

This week we have had some success with Grevillea cuttings striking. Grevillea laurifolia, Grevillea willisii and a hybrid Grevillea have all produced healthy roots.

Templetonia retusa is one plant that is in full flower this week. Large, red pea flowers are clustered around the branches of this shrub. This is another native plant that we have propagated from cuttings.


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