Week 2 July 2006: No rain this week.
Our eldest daughter and family went home this week after an enjoyable visit.
We had a day to ourselves before our other daughter and family arrived for a visit. They were here for most of this week. We had another enjoyable time. One of our granddaughters is interested in bones and we spent some time searching for kangaroo bones. Over the years some Grey Kangaroos have expired from old age on Yallaroo. We managed to find the bones from a kangaroo tail. Our granddaughter will be taking them to her school.
Near the end of the week things, at Yallaroo, got back to normal after our visitors returned to Sydney.    
We found time to put ten plants went in the ground, split some firewood, pot on some struck cuttings and work on a rock wall near our new pond.
Earlier in the year we visited Coffs Harbour. During our visit we collected cutting material from an attractive variegated Westringia. This is probably a variegated form of Westringia fruticosa. These were some of the struck cuttings that we potted on.
We also revitalised our asparagus bed by fertilising and top dressing with compost. This is another edible exotic that we grow.
The August edition of the Gardening Australia Magazine came out this week and contained a favourable review of our web site. This caused a jump in visitors to the site. We now average 150 visitors each day.

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