Week 2 July 2005:  Rain = 27mm. What a turn around in the weather over the last couple of weeks with the consistent rain. Some farmers are now waiting for their paddocks to dry out so that crops may be sowed. We are happy to take all the rain we are given. The rain is soaking in and creating a reservoir of sub-soil moisture ready for the spring growing season.
The rain should ensure that that there will be a splendid display of herbaceous natives (such as Bulbine Lilies) in spring.
Some planting is being undertaken between showers. Plants are going into a new section near our Correa Garden .
Saw a group of five Crimson Rosellas bathing in a shallow section of our Big Dam one day this week.
Speaking (or writing) of birds we are having a constant stream of avian visitors to our gardens. Flocks of Thornbills are working their way through the shrubs and we even sighted a White-plumed Honeyeater visiting one of our birdbaths. This is only our second sighting of this species. A flock of Brown-headed Honeyeaters also visited our shrubs. They usually only visit one of our birdbaths and then fly away.
We bought a couple of hybrid Kangaroo Paws some time ago. They were in tubes and this week we noticed that the pots are bursting at the seams. We would like to build up their numbers before planting so they were potted on into 20 centimetre pots. In spring or early summer we should be able to divide them. Some years ago we divided a large Kangaroo Paw and finished up with about 14 plants.
On our shopping day, this week, we noticed an Acacia vestita in full flower near the Armidale shopping centre. This species is supposed to flower in spring and our plants are only carrying buds. We will keep an eye on this early flowerer and collect some cutting when it finishes flowering.

Garden Diary