Week 2 July 2003: Rain: only 4mm this week.
At last we have finished weeding the infested area of our Lawn Garden. The specimens that were have planted heaved a collective sigh of relief and are now snug in their blankets of sawdust.
Some time ago we planted a Grevillea arenaria near our front verandah. The plant is about two metres high and this week was alive with Yellow-faced Honeyeaters. The Grevillea flowers are not visually prominent but the birds soon track them down and drink the nectar.
A new planting project has been started this week. We are digging holes alongside our road, east of the house. Trees and tall shrubs will be planted here, probably in two or three rows. No garden beds are being constructed. The holes are being dug between the rocks and amongst clover and weeds. Each plant will be mulched with a thick circle of sawdust. Close planting will ensure that, as the plants mature, the ground will be shaded and reduce clover and weed growth.
Some time ago we planted a Solanum aviculare, the Kangaroo Apple, in one of our gardens. This is a medium shrub with bright blue flowers and edible fruits. Birds eat the fruit and spread the seed. We have observed a number of Kangaroo Apple seedlings appearing in garden beds and other areas. We are not concerned with the appearance of these seedlings, as we prefer to see them rather than the weeds that are a constant source of horticultural warfare.

Garden Diary