Week 2 January 2017: Rain = 28 millimetres. Good rain over two days. The rain filled our house tank to overflowing.

The weather has been very hot so little outside gardening undertaken. We spent some time watering using our grey water supply.

We managed to do some potting on in the relative coolness of our shed. We potted on struck cuttings of Hakea drupacea, Passionfruit, Grevillea pinaster, Lomatia sp., and Prostanthera rotundifolia.

Sannatha crassa is flowering. This species was known as Babingtonia crassa.

Pulled up bean plants and put them through our shredder. They are not bearing as well as expected. Put mix of shredded bean plants, wet sawdust and shredded paper plus blood and bone and Dynamic Lifter in our large rotary composter.

One night we had a big storm. The power went off and on a number of times and there were three flashes of lightning with simultaneous claps of thunder so they were very close. The storm yielded 24 millimetres of rain.

Our cherry tomatoes are ripening and we picked a number one morning.

We visited our friends from Canberra. They have a place east of Yallaroo. We had a short look at their garden. It was too hot to spent time outside. We had, as per usual, a pleasant visit.


Garden Diary