Week 2 January 2016: Rain = 7 millimetres

Some plants are flowering to lighten up our summer garden including Melaleuca calycina, Lythrum hyssopfolia and Alyogyne “Delightfully Double”. The “Delightfully Double” is a recent purchase and is a hybrid with eye-catching purple flowers.

With the warmer weather we are watering the plants in the plastic house every day. On overcast days, with lower evaporation, we usually manage to miss a day.

This week we potted on rooted cuttings of Grevillea “Jelly Baby”. This is another recent acquisition that is a hybrid developing into a mounded ground cover reaching a height less than 50 centimetres with a spread of one metre. The leaves are soft grey-green and the flowers are bright pink. Blooms appear in winter and spring. “Jelly Baby” propagates rapidly from cuttings. This is one of many small grevilleas that are appearing in nurseries.

This week we watched a couple of one day cricket matches between Australia and India. They were exciting games with high scores.

Last week we picked up a 50 metre electric fence and solar energiser. This will be used to deter kangaroos from eating our vegetables. This week we received a voltage tester that measures the voltage carried by the fence. We charged the energiser and measured its output which reached 10,000 volts with low current. This should convince our macropods to eat elsewhere.

Wildlife observations: This week three Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos perched in an Acacia implexa near our lounge room. They only paid a short visit. This week two adult Willie Wagtails were in the garden feeding two babies. One morning two Little Pied Cormorants spent some time in our big dam.


Garden Diary